//5 places in the Mediterranean to visit by boat

5 places in the Mediterranean to visit by boat

September is a good month to sail the Mediterranean. The good temperatures and the descent of the tourism allow us to enjoy the best of its coast without crowds. A boat tour takes us to know some of the most coveted islands of this sea where there are stories of ancient battles, culture and good atmosphere.


The Italian island perfectly combines the most abrupt nature with the remnants of the ancient civilizations that settled in it thanks to its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean. Its extensive Greek, Roman, Norman, Renaissance or Baroque heritage is present in many of the cities or small towns that border its coast, ideal to travel by boat. The first stop should be its capital, Palermo, where you will find some of the best examples of the island’s glorious past. A tour of the city center will allow us to enter the Cathedral, the Norman Palace, the mosque of Sant Giovanni degli Eremiti or the catacombs of the Capuchins, known for their mummies.

Descending to the south it is convenient to stop to contemplate the treasures of Taormina. This ancient city founded by the Greeks preserves some of the most important archaeological remains of the island, such as the Greco-Roman theater. From its coast you can see the profile of the imposing Etna, the undisputed owner of the island that has covered the university city of Catania with a grayish color. Still active, its last eruption took place in 2012. Catania is the second largest city in Sicily and was named a world heritage site in 2002. Victim of eruptions and earthquakes, among its jewels still remain some vestiges of the era Greek or Roman

Following the form of the island, the last stages of the trip would be the ancient Corinthian colony of Syracuse, Ragusa and the beautiful town of Sciacca, surrounded by history and surrounded by incredible beaches.

Malta, Gozo and Comino


Elected European Capital of Culture for 2018, Malta this year is celebrating. Last March its capital, Valletta, celebrated 450 years of its foundation. In spite of its recent history, the country has a rich past of conquests due to its geographical situation, since it supposed a great attraction as a commercial route of the Mediterranean. The Order of Malta raised the first stone that, after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, would become a fortress. Its port, in addition, was one of the most important, since it stopped many of the ships that brought goods from the East and the West. Thanks to this, Malta experienced a period of splendor that was only interrupted by the attacks of different conflicts such as the Second World War, which destroyed part of its heritage.

Sailing along its coast takes us to some wonders such as the famous Blue Grotto, or its islands: Gozo and Comino, overflowing with natural treasures. The first one is believed to be the island of Calypso that Homer describes in the Odyssey, as his legend has it. In it we will find numerous temples, such as Ggantija, baroque churches, spectacular beaches and very good nightlife. For its part Comino is popular for being the place where Laguna Azul is located, a natural pool of turquoise water where you can relax. This lost corner is one of the best destinations for scuba divers.

Greek islands

Greek islands

Choosing between more than 2,000 islands is complicated, although traveling by boat allows you to discover a large number of them. This Greek treasure is, from the most remote times, one of the most coveted destinations of the navigators who were looking for new territories to settle. This is how we found some jewels like Knossos, the city that King Minos ordered to build and where the remains of his old palace still lie. It is located on the great island of Crete, although it is not its only relic. A few kilometers away is also Festos, one of the most important sites of the Minoan civilization. The history of Rhodes, however, is open to the imagination. Its great colossus, corresponding to the god Helios and considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was destroyed by an earthquake. What remains are still standing are some of the remains of the Acropolis of Lindos.

Beyond archeology and history, the Greek islands also offer a break in crystal clear beaches and small towns with sea views. The white, its hallmark, dyes some of the houses of the islands known as Santorini or Mykonos, the scene of many of the country’s postcards and romantic movies. Others, however, are marked by mythology and invasions. This is the case of Corfu, where Poseidon took his girlfriend. Today, the territory is full of old fortresses inherited from the conquist

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